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Value investing Mentor

I am on a mission to help 1 lakh working professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve Financial Freedom through our Proprietary StrategicAlpha TechnoValue Investing Framework.

The Conviction Club

Community of liked minded investors learning and implementing the technoValue investing process with conviction to achieve financial abundance.

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Learn TechnoValue Investing and stock analysis by articles, business analysis, Simplified Investing jargons. Investing Blog for India.

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Learn How To Invest Smartly & Wisely In Stock markets. This 180 mins workshop will change the way you look towards markets and help take stock markets as a business to build wealth.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to serve 1,00,000 working professionals & entrepreneurs, through our  Technovalue Investing process to help them to achieve  financial freedom & a lifestyle of abundance.

“The Conviction Club” will be helpful to build the right mindset & conviction to take Stock Market Investing as a Serious Business

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Important Blogs

Special Situation Investing : A Guide to Low Risk Investments

Special Situation Investing : A Guide to Low Risk Investments

Special situations are distinct from the common occurrences in which businesses find themselves. It could take the form of a buyback, stock split, spin-off, tender offer, stake sale, merger, acquisitions, litigation, shareholder activism, bankruptcy, capital structure changes…

Second Level Thinking

Second Level Thinking

It is important to have what is known as second-level thinking in order to succeed in investing. First-level thinking is simplistic and easy. It is also superficial. Many first-level thinkers don’t know what second-level thinking is.Second level thinking says, ‘Since it is a good company..

Joys Of Compounding By Gautam Baid

Joys Of Compounding By Gautam Baid

Key Learnings and Lessons from the Book ‘Joys of Compounding by Gautam Baid’. Gautam Baid grew up in India & then moved to the USA. He served at the Mumbai, London, and Hong Kong offices of Citigroup and Deutsche Bank as a senior analyst in their healthcare investment banking.

Jesse Livermore – Greatest Trader Of All Time

Jesse Livermore – Greatest Trader Of All Time

Jesse Lauriston Livermore was one of the most successful and legendary traders of the 20th century. He had a brilliant mind, High emotional IQ, extraordinary analytical skills, unique intuition, and was a mysterious and stock market genius.
He invested and traded securities

Circle of Competence- A Mental Model To Avoid Disasters In Investing

Circle of Competence- A Mental Model To Avoid Disasters In Investing

The concept of the “Circle of Competence” has been used over the years by Buffett and Munger. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve researched and built up a base of companies that are in the business which I understand well and would like to own at the right value

Value Lies Deep

Value Lies Deep

Deep Value Investing is like paying for the tip and buying the iceberg, an investment strategy that asserts choosing stocks that are cheap & offer great value because not everyone understands investing where the focus is on buying stocks at a much higher discount to intrinsic

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We are on a mission to help 1,00,000 working professionals & entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom using our proprietary TechnoValue Investing process.
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