Top 10 Stock Market Movies to Watch

Top 10 Stock Market Movies to Watch

A pictorial view is always better than reading a book, but the funnier, entertaining, and educational approach to learning and understanding something is watching a Stock Market movie which will give you tremendous knowledge about the financial world, Stock Market, and its nitty-gritty over a very short span of time.
 If you are not a reader you should definitely try watching stock market movies, the best thing is you can learn amazing facts about the stock market as well as the financial world just by sitting back and relaxing on your Couch.
 So, in this post, we are going to discuss the Must Watch Top 10 Stock Market Movies released as of today.

  1. WALL STREET (1987)

     DURATION       –   2 Hours 6 Min,  IMDB RATING –   7.4/10,  LEAD ACTORS –   Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Daryl Hannah, and Martin Sheen

Movie Review – This is a story of a young stockbroker Bud Fox who wants to reach the topmost ladder of the market without ensuring the legitimacy and the ways and means for doing so….admiring Gordon Gekko the top Corporate Raiders of the market he enticed him to mentor him by providing him Insider Information, entering into corporate world Bud didn’t look back and did whatever he could to keep going up and in that process, he has engulfed himself by Greed which let him take stupid decisions which included going against Gekko. In the process, he came under the lens of Watchdog SEC and later on cut a deal with them reducing his sentence by giving them Gekko.

2. THE BIG SHORT (2015)
        DURATION      –   2 Hours 10 mins,  IMDB RATING –  7.8/10,   LEAD ACTOR   – Christian Bale, Brad Pitt,   Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling.

Movie Review – The Big Short has three separate but parallel stories which tell us about the instability of the U.S Housing Market Crisis of 2008…. This instability was forecasted by Eccentric EX – Physician and Hedge Fund Manager Michael Burry in 2005, he believed the U.S housing market is a bubble that can burst in a few years, and with the same view he decided to short the U.S housing Market taking huge positions in the Hedge Fund with the help of banks, and the banks were more than happy to do so because something like that never happened in entire America’s History and hence they were very sure that they will win the deal believing that Michel Burry is a Maniac. Apart from Michael Burry there two more groups of people who believed in the same story which also assumed that the Banks were not aware of what was going on, and for them individually to win, the general economy will have to lose which in turn means the common citizens trusting the financial institutions might suffer in the probable crisis.

   DURATION –      3HOURs,  IMDB RATING – 8.2/10 , LEAD ACTORS – Leonardo Dicaprio,   Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie,  Mark Hanna,   Matthew Mcconaugh. 

Movie Review – Based on the book by the same name – Jordan Belfort, this story tells us about the rise and fall of Jordan which involves corruption, drugs, sex abuse, and money laundering…… It started from Jordan doing a job on wall street eventually ending up opening his own Brokerage Firm – Stratton Oakmont… The journey if described on a graph for Stratton Oakmont would mostly be a steep curve on the upside scaling his brokerage to such heights that Companies who wanted to go public went through them, they made so much money pumping and dumping the stocks that it was difficult to not become popular and stay away from Watchdogs like SEC and FBI… in the process of laundering money and hiding it in the Swiss banks they got caught by FBI and was arrested but eventually, his sentence was reduced and later on took marketing seminars to make a living.

4. GAFLA (2006)
    DURATION –         2 Hours 7 Mins., IMDB RATING –   7.3/10, LEAD ACTORS –  Somesh Agarwal, Anshul Chobey, Nishikant Dixit,  Vikram Gokhale

Movie Review – Gafla is a story of an ordinary young man named Subodh Mehta belonging to a middle-class family having limited opportunities. This movie was inspired by The Harshad Mehta Scam 1992. …as every other common man, Subodh tries his luck in the stock market and in the journey. eventually falls prey in a scam of 400cr entangling himself in a crime.

     DURATION –        2 Hours 7 Mins, IMDB RATING –   7.3/10, LEAD ACTORS –  Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd 

Movie Review – Trading Places is a comedy stock market film that revolves around a con artist and commodity broker. Both characters find that their position is reversed as a bet by two millionaires’. … this movie describes the adventure and the revenge of both the characters to become rich while making the millionaire poor at the same time.

6. BOILER ROOM (2000)
       DURATION –         2 Hours , IMDB RATING –   7/10,  LEAD ACTORS –   Giovanni Ribis,     Vin Diesel ,Nia Long ,Scott Caan

Movie Review – It’s a crime drama film featuring the life of a 19-year college dropout Seth Davis. Initially, he started a Casino in his Rented apartment and later was recruited by a brokerage firm. After joining the brokerage firm turned out to be just a Rosy Picture because after working at the firm he figured that the firm uses a Pump and Dump scheme. Boiler Room serves as a warning for those starting to invest in the stock market, to stick to transparent, solid companies based on sound fundamentals, and to always follow the adage.

7. MARGIN CALL (2011)
       DURATION      –   1 Hour 47 mins,  IMDB RATING –  7.1/10, LEAD ACTORS – Zakari Quinto,   Stanley Tucci, Kevin Spacey

Movie Review – It is a thriller again focussing on the 2008 crisis. The investment bank Sam and Will were laying off employees on a big scale, one of them was Eric Dale. Eric was in between an ongoing project and was laid off in between the same, after his removal The risk analyst named Sullivan discovered that the volatility of the Portfolio had increased very much and could Incur big losses for the firm…… after the discovery an Immediate meeting was called which held till late night and then they decided to sell all the assets which were toxic to the Portfolio incurring big losses –  Monetary and Reputational both.

8. TOO BIG TO FAIL (2011)
     DURATION –   1 Hour 39Mins,  IMDB RATING –    7.3/10,  LEAD ACTORS –   James woods , John Heard,    William Hurt

Movie Review – Too Big to fail is another movie on the 2008 Financial Crisis which is based on a true story. It focuses on the Importance of the stability of certain  Big Financial Institutions and breaks the most common myth that these Financial Institutions are Too Big To Fail. It has links to Mortgage Industry Crisis. It also shows how these Big Institutions are interconnected and how the failure of these big Institutions leads to the Downfall of the Entire World’s Economy.

       DURATION       –   1 hour 41Mins,  IMDB RATING –   6.4/10, LEAD ACTORS –   Ewan Mcgregor,  Anna Friel, Christian Solimeno

Movie Review – This movie is based on a true story of a Bank clerk – Nick Leeson who was given an opportunity no one else was interested to take, he had to travel to Jakarta and set up their Derivative Trading Operations. Later on, the entire shop was handed by the bank to Nick to carry out the Derivative Trading Operations in which he took highly Risky Bets, The first Year was a Big Success, Nick was not even monitored by the bank and was informed to employ underqualified staff to save money after his success even more money flew into his Trading accounts and in Over Confidence and Self Esteem he started gambling the trades without even assessing them and ended up losing money and in order to Recover the same he attempted some illegal acts which also didn’t work. Within no time all the money given by the clients was lost and these huge losses caused a financial Meltdown and Bankruptcy for the entire Bank.

10. MONEY MONSTER (2016)
DURATION      –  1Hour 38 Mins, IMDB RATING –  6.5/10, LEAD ACTORS –   George Clooney,  Julia Roberts,  Jack O’ Conne

Movie Review – This movie is based on the story of an investor named – Kyle Budwell who lost $60000 – his entire life’s savings after investing in a stock recommended by a Financial TV host and  Lee gates and Producer Patty. Kyle decided to face the host in a Broadcast in front of millions of people watching it Live. He put a gun in front of the crew, host, and Producer in order to get all the answers as to why the stock fell. The movie conveys the message that it is unwise to blindly trust so-called market experts and do our own Due Diligence before putting any money in it.
Gaining stock Market Knowledge and wisdom isn’t just limited to watching these T0P 10  Movies, Nowadays along with Stock Market Movies, there are Stock market Web Series / TV shows also which also give us tremendous Knowledge and Insights about the Market.
Some of them are:

  1. Scam 1992.
  2. Billions.
  3. The Profit.
  4. Mad Money, etc……

I Shall share more detailed views and insights on this in the next Follow-up blog…. Thank you for devoting your time to our most Busy and highly Engaged Website.
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