Success In Stock Market

Story Of Passion, Perseverance, Determination Led Success In Stock Market

Hello Strategic Alpha Tribe Members,
As you all know I have been into markets for the past 13 years and As Demonstrated by My Stock Picks, the Success that I am getting consistently on Multibaggers Front and also on the Technofunda trades front is because of learning from mistakes over the journey and not repeating it again and enhancing the stock find criteria’s.
I lost 42 lakhs in the markets making many of the mistakes and was fortunate to pay it 3 years using my 2 strategies which I call Strategic Alpha Framework Strategies
Would you like to know how it all started??
Do you want to know the story of my life??
A Story of a Passion towards Understanding Business, Markets, Research, and Now Mentoring. A journey from bankruptcy to being a corporate with 7.5Cr Valuation.
Click the link and read about my life’s story by far: MY STORY
Also, I have launched “Strategic Alpha Mentorship Program. In this program, we teach our mentees how to become A SMART INVESTOR by keeping the right Mindset and Using Right Strategies at the right time.

To know more about our mentorship program join the upcoming Mentorship Walkthrough happening on 14th Feb 2021, 11AM.
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Very important note: The objective of this blog is to share knowledge and info about multi-bagger ideas/opportunities. Neither is this trading website nor an analyst website nor a Buy/Sell call website. For stock market success, always do your homework, own analysis, and make your own decisions.
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