Some Interesting Charts

Some Interesting Charts

  1. HimatSingka Seide- A Deep Value StockMy Take:-
    Himatsingka Seide which has a high debt to Equity, Commonly thrown out by many Analysts to its high debt levels, however during upcycle in Business, a stock that has a high debt to equity benefits the most. Deleveraging happens very fast during a business Upcycle. Deleveraging aids at free cash generation and its value assertive for the stock. Himatsingka I am looking at it as a Proxy to Trident Ltd, Which moved from 3.5 in March 2020 rs to 16.5 Rs in January 2021. Himat is consolidating in the range 135 to 160 For the past Few Weeks Now and It might be at the last stage.
    Key Triggers why Himat Looks Interesting to me for Medium Term:-
    1)Circuit Filter Change from 10% to 20%, 2)Himat will post its Dec Qtr Results on 6th Feb 2021( I am expecting it to be good)
    3)Himat is Nearing a Rounding Bottom Breakout on Weekly Charts

    Link for my old Video on HimatSingka- Watch it from 10 Min, 10 Seconds till the End
    This was uploaded on Youtube when it was trading at 90 Odd, Now at 150 πŸ™‚

2. First Source Solutions- Stock Trading in Unchartered Territory

         My Take:-
         First Solutions, has broken out and created a rounding bottom breakout. Stock is trading in Uncharted Territory., whenever that happens,                 Momentum keeps going and moves happen beyond fundamental expectations. Rounding Bottom Breakout Suggests Pattern Upsides of 200           in 1 Year and 500 in the Next 3-5 Years. Pattern Failure Level is placed at 80 Rs on a monthly close basis. I had written a blog on FSL way back           in Aug 2018 as a Potential Multibagger when it was trading at 64 odd Levels.
         Key Trigger Now:- Circuit Filter has Changed from 10% to 20%

Link of the Blog:-
3.  BHEL- Another Old Economy Stock? Darkhorse?? 
My View: BHEL is Nearing a Cup and handle breakout, Upon Successful Breakout Stock which is one of the most hated stocks will start                      dancing. 42,6 is the breakout Level on Daily Charts. I had believed for the past 1,5 years that old economy stocks will be leaders of the bull                market. upon successful breakout, Levels of 55, 60, 80 gets open for medium-term
       Key Trigger Now:- 
1)Recent Budget Focused on Capital Expenditure, BHEL which is into Capital Goods, It bodes well for it.
 To read why I am bullish on old economy business/stocks Please refer to this blog Link:-

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