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Sold Gold at 53500 to Buy NALCO( Pure Gold) at 33 Rs My View- 3 Years

Dear StrategicAlpha Community Members,

I am updating my actions what I took,

Gold has been on a Roll Since the Pandemic, However, I would like to be fearful when others are greedy.

Moreover, the Reason for me selling gold is, I have a Golden Opportunity ahead which is NALCO, Have Shared my detailed assessment of NALCO during the pandemic as a Potential Valuebagger.

The rationale behind this decision:-

Firstly:- Gold Don’t Give Any Dividends, NALCO Dividend Yield would be 10% Plus in the coming years,

Secondly:-Gold doesn’t have any terminal value. It doesn’t produce anything. It has Negligible uses in industries, So how can it have terminal value. In the case of silver at least it’s an industrial commodity. Gold is going up just like bitcoin.

Thirdly:- When gold Prices have shot up more than 70% in the past 4 months, it’s a good time to book profits and be fearful when others are greedy.

Fourthly:- NALCO is a Debt Free, Cash Rich, Lowest Cost Manufacturer, and Available at a 50% discount to its Networth. It’s like buying gold at half prices.NALCO Is pure 24 Carat Gold.

Fifthly:- As per my assessment, I believe old economy stocks will be leaders of the upcoming bull market. Read my blog on that at

Watch my Detailed assessment on NALCO at

Upside Play in NALCO, I believe as per the assessment in the above video

Worst Case Scenario:- 30-40

Base Case Scenario:- 60-90

Bull Case Scenario:- 150-180

Privatization Case:- 250-300

Dear Followers, I may change my decisions at any point in time where I think the fundamental story has changed, so please do study from your end too before taking decisions.

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Very important note: The objective of this blog is to share knowledge and info about multi-bagger ideas/opportunities. Neither is this trading website nor an analyst website nor a Buy/Sell call website. For stock market success, always do your homework, own analysis, and make your own decisions.


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