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In today’s Interesting charts segment, I will be posting two promising stocks that are on my fundamental and value radar.
I have been tracking the business of Sterling and Wilson Solar for the past 6 months now, As you know that I am heavily invested in vision stocks. I am in a big dilemma still, can I make settling and Wilson my vision stock. However recently it has become very interesting from charts. As I didn’t find much time to go deep in sterling and understand the dynamics, I will be trading in Sterling and Wilson purely from the chartical point of view.
Posting below the interesting chart for sterling and Wilson.

Sterling and Wilson Solar

Rain Industries

Another Chart that has made me take Action is Rain Industries, Rain Industries is broken out on a weekly basis and has given a Rounding Bottom Breakout. Rounding bottom breakouts are one of the rare occurrences. Chances for breakout failure are very low. I have doubled my position in Rain at 149 odd levels. My Initial Average was 105. Recently After the Breakout it moved higher to 175 and corrected again to 144, that’s where it became more interesting. 145 is the breakout price on weekly charts. It was consolidating in the range from the past 690 days. Once Momentum Sets in, Stock is Poised to Move Higher towards 300 Odd levels and Pattern Suggests that the Up Move can happen in Next 8 Months. Pattern Failure Level is 130 on a Weekly Close basis.
Rain is a Potential Multibagger that I am holding from 100 odd levels. You can read my blog on rain at

It’s a part of my Old Economy Stock. I believe old Economy Stocks will be Leaders of this Current bull Market that has Just Started.
You can read my post on Old Economy Stocks Here:-
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