Value Investing & Behavioral Finance – Part 2

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On the same note, we are uploading a super learning video on our YouTube channel, A Book session on “Value Investing and Behavioral Finance- by Parag Parikh.
Why revisit this book?
History repeats itself and those who don’t learn from it will always be at the risk of repeating their mistakes. Successful people in stock markets have a better edge in psychology than in finance.
This book focuses on all such aspects which can help a market participant to become a successful investor by setting the right psychological mindset.
Also, we are amidst a strong bull run, by its emphasis on value and contrarian investing we can assure that Strategic Alpha’s motto is “Capital preservation” and the goal of: “Heads I win big and tails I lose little” is upheld.
Recent news: where a police officer lost 60 lakh in stock markets, resorting to fraud to recover losses reminds me that even now fairly educated and seemingly responsible people are yet not mentally ready for stock markets.
Certain key yet vague concepts like intrinsic value and commodity cycles are well explained and will always need a revisit. Also, it’s by an Indian author on Indian equity markets who also happens to be the founder of one of the most consistent compounders among MFs, PPFAS. India’s population and its equities market are as unique as everything else for India. The authors’ India-centric approach benefits the reader/learner immensely.
The book clearly shows the idea that an individual investor with a proper attitude and aptitude can beat all funds and indexes creating a fortune for oneself.
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