Lloyd Steel and Uttam Value Steel

Update on Conclusion of Rare Trade- Uttam Value and Lloyd Steel. Booked 180% and 110% Respectively in 1 Month

Lloyd Steel and Uttam Value Steel Both came on my technical radar at 0.55 and 0.20 for a quick trade, so before buying it needed strong due diligence and also understanding the whole story. Below are the snapshots of our discussion on both opportunities which will help you all understand what all it takes to find a stock for trading which can multiply in a month’s time.

Uttam Value Steel




Lloyd Steel started buying from around 0.60 paise and sold all quantity at 1.40 in Just 1 Month.
Uttam Value Steel we started buying around 25 paise and sold around 0.75, more than 200% Profits in just 1 month.

This is what happens when you know how to play the value.

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  1. Sir i am holding unitech 15000 nos at avg price of around 5 rs. can i average it coz management taken by govt. pls advice.

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