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I am pleased to share the stocks that we bought as per the Vision 2025 Blog that I posted here earlier.
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Snapshot of our Portfolio:-


Still, as per my vision of 2025, we have just covered 2% of the journey that is what I feel, Still, there is a lot of ground to be covered. These high conviction ideas that came from my circle of competence will reap more profits. One would argue my Exposure to Metals is huge, but I would like to share my observation a few months before on Metal Space.

This is what I wrote in July 2019

Metals Research

There was a huge valuation comfort in Metals, and we only invested only in those companies where it posses the following Attributes:-

1)Low Debt or Debt-Free Companies.
2)Sound Business Models.
3)High Promotor Holding.
4)Very Low or No Pledged shares
5)Very Old Businesses at least 15 years old.
6)Easy to Understand Businesses.
7)Good Management Pedigree and Trustworthy Promotors
8)Growing Sales, Growing Profits
9)Stocks Near or Below Intrinsic Values
10)Those stock which is cyclical will benefit from business upcycle and commodity upcycle.
12) Promotor Increased Stake.
13) High ROE, High ROCE
14)Companies Benefitting from operating leverage in the future due to underutilized capacity currently.
15)Low PEG ratio
16)High-interest coverage
17) High competitive advantage due to long-standing relationships with their customers, logistical advantages, lowest cost manufacturer.
18) Bargaining power with their suppliers
19) Low on Receivable days
20) High entry barriers due to location advantage, Hugh capital investments to replace their capacities as a competitor.
21)Depressed earnings now in cyclical stocks but as debt-free companies, these will be least affected compared to competitors but bound to do best in the industry as the tide turns. Those not debt-free, but has a big debt should provide confidence about the repayment.
22) Old school, old economy stocks with no replacements for their products seen in the near-decade.
23)Promotors experience in the same business of more than a decade.
24)Proven track record.

Note: The above views are for educational purposes only, for stock market success do your own research and due diligence before investing.

Suyog Dhavan.

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