Warren Buffet

Time is the friend of the wonderful company- Warren Buffet

Dear Friends,
Warren Buffet said, “Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre”.
Let us Examine this with our Maithan- Potential Mulitbagger Blog Example- Maithan Alloys, See at Maithan Blog
Maithan Alloys 2012 to 2016 Price Chart
Maithan Example
Maithan Alloys was trading at 61 Rs during the top of 2012, It went Down to 25 Rs in 2014, Nearly 60% Down, and from 25 Rs in 2014 it went to 110 Rs in 2015. Even one would have bought it at the top of 2012, one would have made a handsome 2X Return in 3 years.

Maithan Alloys 2014 to 2019 stock price chart

Maithan Example2       Maithan was Trading at 110 Rs in 2015  it went to 920 Rs in 2018, 9X in 3 Years even after Being Bought at the top in 2015.
       Many followers mail me and ask me the best price to buy the stocks on my blog, for them I would like to say Instead of scratching heads for the best price, I would say “It is far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than to buy an ordinary company at a wonderful price.”  
    Volatility is a friend of a long-term investor, provided you are able to find a wonderful company which is a cash machine and buy it at a fair price.


Suyog Dhavan
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